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Installing pam_pwdfile.so for CentOS 6.5

I was working on getting vsftpd set up with some virtual users and wanted to use an Apache-style users file to manage the virtual users. I found a number of guides that showed how to configure things, but couldn't get it working. After much debugging, I realized the problem was that CentOS doesn't install the pam_pwdfile.so module by default.

So, before you can use a pwdfile with vsftpd, you will need to install the pam_pwdfile.so module. Here are the install directions I used:

  1. From your CentOS command prompt, type:

    cd /tmp
  2. Download the RPM package for pam_pwdfile.so:

    curl -O http://springdale.math.ias.edu/data/puias/unsupported/6/x86_64/pam_pwdfile-0.99-1.puias6.x86_64.rpm
  3. Compile the code with RPM:

    rpm -Uvh pam_pwdfile-0.99-1.puias6.x86_64.rpm
  4. Verify the module has been compiled:

    ls -l /lib64/security/pam_p*

After you have installed the module, make sure to restart any services that you might be dependent on the PAM.