Barfin' on the Browns…

Posted by Dan on Apr 3, 2009 @ 6:54 PM

This is one of the funniest football stories I've heard in a long time. This comes from a great interview with Craig Wolfley—the color analyst for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

BTSC:  You were part of many great games in the Browns-Steelers rivalry.  I make no attempt to hide my disdain for the Cleveland Browns.  What one thing do you remember most about that rivalry?

WOLFLEY:  Tunch Ilkin used to get anxiety attacks where he would throw up alot.  You never knew when they would happen.  Even in training camp, he would throw up at any time.  Anyhow, we're playing the Browns in a preseason game in the early 80s.  Tunch is standing next to me in the huddle and I notice vomit on my foot.  Tunch is gurgling.  We broke for the line and I could hear his stomach.  I'm thinking, this could be great.  On that particular play, I was assigned to help Tunch double-team their defensive tackle, Ron Simmons.  Right at the snap, as if it were choreographed, we both lunge at Simmons and Tunch lets it loose.  I'm not talking about a dribbler, I'm talking about a gusher.  He heaves right in Simmons' face and the guy goes crazy.  We didn't need to block him.  He was PO'd beyond belief, Tunch is sick and I'm laughing hysterically.  The next play he still has chunks on his face and he lines up four yards behind the ball.  Tunch didn't have to block him the rest of the game.   I'm still laughing.


(Tunch Illkin on the left, Craig Wofley on the right)

Thanks to Behind the Steel Curtain for such an entertaining story!

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