BlogCFC v5.9.3.000 released…

Posted by Dan on Apr 1, 2009 @ 11:37 PM

Well, I'm proud to say I just helped Raymond release a new version of BlogCFC—version Hopefully the "Switzer" edition doesn't become known as the version that made BlogCFC jump the shark. :)

A lot of the mods I contributed were related to the XML-RPC stuff, since I post almost exclusively from Live Writer and only go into the Admin when I need to set up related entries. However, one change that I think everyone might like is I added a "Comments" tab to the entry page. I added this to my version of BlogCFC way back in November of 2007 because I found I was usually trying to find comments related to a specific entry and they were hard to find via the normal comments page.

Here's a summary of the changes:

  • Updates/simplification of file pathing determination
  • XML-RPC updates (yes, I did test these myself, I don't suck) ;)
  • Admin has a nicer warning when settings/cache is updated
  • When you edit an entry, you get immediate access to the comments (new "Comments" tab)
  • Ability to view an unreleased entry on the blog. This lets an admin see how an entry will REALLY look w/o having to release it.
  • Code coloring updates (the blue HTML tag color and Attribute color were so close they looked identical, so I gave the HTML tag a color that adds better contrast)
  • HTML entities are cleaned out of the Subject of e-mails and removed from the title shown in the e-mails (probably only an issue if you use a WYSIWYG Blog editor)
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