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Fading a 24-bit transparent PNG in IE7

Internet Explorer 7 has some issues with fading transparent PNGs. If you've gotten to the this page because you're seeing a black border where the transparent edges in your PNG are, then here are some tips for fixing the problem:

  1. Do not fade the element directly, but fade a parent container holding the PNG. This may mean you need to add a wrapper element to your code.
  2. Give the parent element a background color.
  3. Lastly, if you're still having problems, try give your parent element the old "zoom: 1" trick. Give the parent element a style declaration of "zoom: 1" (either via CSS or an inline style.) This will force IE to give the element hasLayout—which tends to fix all sorts of weird display issues in IE7.

The above tips will usually sort out any fading issues I'm having in IE7.

One year anniversary of my Lab's knee surgery...

A year ago today our Black Lab, Nikki, underwent surgery to have her canine cruciate ligaments repaired in both rear knees after having ruptured them. It was rough day for the wife and me and I'm glad it's well behind us.

Nikki's been doing excellent since the surgery. Other than a slightly strange gate (which is only really noticeable if you're looking for it) you would never know she had both knees replaced. Last summer she enjoyed many a days running and playing ball in the backyard. Occasionally the knee would "give out" on her when she'd try to make a quick cut and she'd come up limping, but I think she limped only because it felt foreign because within minutes she was back to running and jumping at full speed.

It's amazing to me everytime I see her run around the backyard or jump around that a year ago she could barely walk. While the surgery was costly, we're just glad we got our dog back. :)

The Sixburgh Steelers and Mike Tomlin's prophecy...

As a Steelers fan, I might be considered a bit biased, but last night's Super Bowl was one of the best I've seen. That's back-to-back years where the Super Bowl has been exciting and it's hard to believe a game could have topped the end of last years, but these game I think did it.

I couldn't sleep at all last night and I'm still feeling little bursts of adrenaline—just an amazing game with huge plays at the end of each half. From James Harrison's INT for a TD at the end of the first half (which was simply amazing and was the difference in the game) to Holmes fantastic catch in the corner of the endzone—what an amazing game.

Anyway, after the Steelers beat the Ravens in the AFCC game, I kept thinking about an article I read about Tomlin shortly after he was hired. The article was about Mike Tomlin and was an interview with his mother. The article was about how Tomlin has always set lofty goals that his mom often that were unrealistic, but time after time her proved his mom wrong and reached his goals. The one quote that always stood out to me was the following quote that he would win the Super Bowl sooner rather than later:

"He already told me he was winning the Super Bowl," said Mrs. Copeland, and what son would fib to his mother? " 'I will be hoisting that trophy, and I won't be patient about doing it, either.'

"Those were his words."

After years of small doubts, she has learned to believe.

"Because everything you've said so far," she told him after he was hired as the Steelers coach in January, "you've done it."

Pretty amazing.