Vote now to have ColdFusion provide better XSS protection

Posted by Dan on Oct 14, 2009 @ 2:46 PM

Today I submitted the ColdFusion Enhancement Request #80336 to add better tools for preventing XSS attacks. More and more it's becoming common for developers to need to implement some type of WYSIWYG editor, but with that comes the increased risk of XSS attacks.

We've all heard about attacks on MySpace and other major sites and this is because it's actually a pretty difficult problem to solve correctly (since there are so many attack vectors.)

My suggestion would be for Adobe to integrate the OWASP AntiSamy project into ColdFusion. This is an excellent tool for cleaning up input to prevent XSS attacks and is highly configurable via XML.

If you're interested in solving this problem now, see my Using AntiSamy to protect your CFM pages from XSS hacks blog entry for details on implementing AntiSamy right now.

Categories: HTML/ColdFusion

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