Blizzard 2008 Pictures...

Posted by Dan on Mar 8, 2008 @ 11:15 AM

In the past 24 hours we've been dumped on with probably 14" of snow here at the house. We've been in a Blizzard Warning for the past 18 hours or so (and it's to continue for another 6 hours.) This is the first Blizzard in this area since 1978. While this amount of snow fall is a drop in the hat to what some places are used to, it's a huge snowfall for what this area is used to seeing in a 24 hour period of time.

I love the snow, so I'm really enjoying it. We've got a nice brand new huge 6' x 6' window in our front room, so I'm just enjoying watching the snowfall. I've taken our oldest dog, Maddie, out a couple of times to play in the snow. Nikki (the one that just had surgery) really wants to play when I take her out to go potty, but the snow is just too deep to let her really trek around in. Anyway, Jenn got the camera out and we took these pictures about an hour ago.

blizzard_20080308_01 blizzard_20080308_02 blizzard_20080308_03
blizzard_20080308_04 blizzard_20080308_05 blizzard_20080308_06
blizzard_20080308_07 blizzard_20080308_08 blizzard_20080308_09
blizzard_20080308_10 blizzard_20080308_11 blizzard_20080308_12
blizzard_20080308_13 blizzard_20080308_14 blizzard_20080308_15
blizzard_20080308_16 blizzard_20080308_17 blizzard_20080308_18
blizzard_20080308_19 blizzard_20080308_20  
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