jQuery celebrates 2nd Birthday with v1.2.2 release!

Posted by Dan on Jan 15, 2008 @ 9:18 AM

jQuery turned 2 years old today. To celebrate turning two, John Resig and gang released jQuery v1.2.2. Some of the key changes are:

  • 300% Speed Improvements to $(DOMElement)
  • $.ready() Overhaul — this is supposedly fix several bugs and provide even more consistent behavior across platforms. (NOTE: For those unfamiliar with the $.ready() function, it's designed to replace the window.onload event and fire immediately after the DOM is ready and not wait for all images to finish loading.)
  • New .bind(”mouseenter”) / .bind(”mouseleave”) events — these events are improvements on the typical mouseover/mouseout events as they don't fire when entering children elements (which is generally not the desired behavior.)
  • New .bind(”mousewheel”) event — this new event allows you to bind events to the mouse wheel.
  • The :not() selector now supports complex expressions
  • New AJAX "Accept Headers" added to XHR requests
  • Over 120 bug fixes
  • Test suite now includes over 1157 unit tests
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