Jenn & I Bought A Sofa And Loveseat!

Posted by Dan on Aug 4, 2005 @ 9:27 PM

Well, Jenn & I bought a new sofa and loveseat tonight. We've been looking for awhile now and finally just bought the bullet and bought one tonight. We were really having problems deciding what we wanted. We liked the idea of reclining sofas, but we didn't like the looks of a lot of the models.

We finally went back to a sofa we'd seen several months ago at Kittles. I generally like the looks of traditional sofas better, but we finally found a reclining sofa we both liked and we both felt a reclining sofa would fit our lifestyles better.

The third picture below I think is the actual color of the fabric we choose, but it's hard to tell from these pictures. We didn't go with leather because of the dogs (although we both generally liked the look of leather couches better.) We also wanted to go with a fabric that would hide the dog hairs (having both a Yellow and Black Lab make for lots of dog hair!) The colors in the couch are similiar to our old couch, but it actually has all the colors in our carpet.




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