Mozilla v0.9 Released!!!

Posted by Dan on Jun 15, 2004 @ 11:01 AM

Firefox v0.9 has just been released. The Release Candidate (RC) was just released on the 10th, so I suspect the RC they felt was pretty stable. Anyway, here's a peak at what's new:

  • Extension Manager
  • Theme Manager
  • Data Migration/Import
  • New Visual Theme
  • Better Bookmarks
  • Better Search
  • Smaller Download
  • Online Help

I'm in the process of installing v0.9 as I type this. Hopefully all my extensions continue to work. I really love Firefox—it's become my primary browser, and I was beginning to think I'd be using IE forever.

You may want to backup your previous Firefox installation. It seems that all installed extensions and themes get removed.

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