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Posted by Dan on Jun 15, 2004 @ 11:38 AM

Well, at I stated last week, Jenn & I went camping this weekend with the dogs. The weather wasn't exactly cooperative, but it could have been much, much worse. We had pretty heavy rain storms in the area over the weekend. Fortunately, we didn't really get any rain at the camp site, but it was extremely wet and we never really got any sunshine.

The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves. The first 24 hours or so, they were very protective of any activity going on around our camp site, but then they adjusted to things and didn't seem to get bothered by people coming by our site. We didn't do much, other than relax around the fire. We did go hiking on Saturday, but we spent most of the day hanging out w/Justin & Megan (the couple we went camping with—who also brought they're dog Zoey camping.)

Also on the personal front, I got a chance to play golf w/my Grandpa and Father last Wednesday. We played at Windy Knoll in Springfield, OH. It was my first time playing the course. The course definitely needs some work, but I liked the layout of the course. If i could have controlled my Tee shots, I would have been able to shave about 10 strokes off my game (I lost about a dozen golf balls off the tee.) Of course I hadn't played, or even swung a golf club, in almost a year, so what can I expect.

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