Nikki (and Maddie) Update...

Posted by Dan on Apr 9, 2004 @ 4:04 PM

I thought it's about time I provide an update on the dogs. They're finally starting to calm down a bit and have even started napping together. Nikki wants to be around her sister all the time, and Maddie sometimes just wants to be by herself--it's like having a toddler and a teenager. :)

Nikki's still having some problems with house breaking, but she's getting much, much better. She's started going to the backdoor (most of the time) when she has to urinate. She's still urinating in the kennel. We've been able to monitor her enough that it appears she pees the second she wakes up. If she's napping in the living room and starts to stir, you've got to get her outside ASAP because she will have to potty. I also think she's doing a better job fully emptying her bladder when she's outside, before I think she was stopping prematurely. I beginning to give her a little more leeway in the house. I've even allowed her to sleep in bed a few times the past couple of nights.

Point in case about the whole peeing after waking up. Right after I typed the sentence above about needing to take Nikki out right after she wakes up, I got a phone call. As I was talking on the phone, I heard Nikki stirring and turned around to look at her. She appeared to have been back to sleep, so I thought she might have just been getting more comfortable. Not 30 seconds later, I hear a sound resembling a someone hosing off their driveway. Sure enough, Nikki's urinating in her kennel again. I really have to start listening to myself!!!
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