Leo Leoport's Sudden Exit From Tech TV...

Posted by Dan on Apr 6, 2004 @ 6:38 PM

It appears that Leo Leoport has left Tech TV indefinitely. I tend to watch the show The Screen Savers in the evening, as they do a pretty good job covering the world of tech in a nice casual way. Even Jenn finds the show tolerable—which I'm happy for. She was the first to notice Leo's sudden disappearance. I first assumed he simply had gone on vacation. I didn't recall hearing anything about him going away or anything, but then found it odd they were talking about Leo at all on the show.

During last night's episode, I noticed that they had a new intro—one that looked pretty hastily put together and one that was lacking Leo. That made me very curious. That's when I went to Leo's blog and found out what was going on. Hopefully when Comcast takes over, they'll find a way to bring him back. It's very unfortunate the way things went down. Leo's a big part of the success of Tech TV.

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