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Posted by Dan on Apr 29, 2004 @ 4:00 PM

I was reading Full As A Goog and came across some really interesting stuff at Colin Moock's site from the guys at WEFAIL. They've got some interesting things to say about usability. I think often designers get so carried away with creativity that they lose usability altogether. However, the only way to truly advance, is through new ideas and experimentation. Make sure to check out some of the stuff their doing—very strange and unusual. I do really like what they did with the Bob Schneider site. I suspect that site probably really reflects the artist as well. Here's what Colin had to say:

well, i found the wefail presentation slides from flash in the can.

man do i ever love martin&jordan's wefail work. man...

>> view wefail presentation slides
>> play donkey game
>> view wefail client site: bob schneider music
>> please yourself at wefail home


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