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Posted by Dan on Sep 16, 2003 @ 11:53 AM

Ok, I haven't had much to say lately—haven't really been spending much time doing anything worthwhile on the 'net lately. Anyway, here's what's going on with me in a nutshell:

  • Still trying to find work. I'm hoping to hear something this week back on a possible contract. If I get this contract, it'll be a huge weight off my shoulders.
  • Played golf w/my dad on August 28th at Longaberger—one of the countries best public golf courses. This was the first day of some stomach virus I had. I enjoyed the golf course—but was really feeling crappy all day.
  • I was sick over Labor Day Weekend—that really stunk. Jenn & I were sick together, but that meant we missed my family "get together" for Labor Day—which is where we celebrate Labor Day along with my parent's Anniversay, my cousin Stef & Scot's anniversary and my grandfather's birthday (my mom's dad.) I was really dissappointed to miss seeing the family.
  • I went out dinner w/my parent's on their 35th Anniversary on September 3rd. My mom came to town to finally use the Kenneth's Spa certificate I bought her last year for her birthday. My dad and I had planned to play golf, but it was overcast and with being sick, we decided it was best to just skip it. I was really glad to be able to eat dinner with them since I had missed the Labor Day cookout. We ate at La Scalia's on RT161 up in Dublin.
  • The weekend of the 7th, Jenn & I went up to Niles to celebrate her sister's birthday and her parent's 31st anniversary. It's funny, her parent's anniversary is like 10 days after my parent's and her birthday is like 10 days before mine. Our families seem to have a lot important dates right around the same time. We also went w/her parent's to an R/V show. They ended up buying a really nice 27' R/V. They do a lot of camping and travelling and I think they'll really enjoy what they bought.
  • I've been playing bass pretty frequently as of late. We practice the other day and have a few tryouts for a drummer in the comming weeks—the first tryout is this Friday (9/19/2003.)
  • Maddie broke out in hives once on Friday night and once on Saturday morning. We ended up taking her to the Vets to get some shots to take down the swelling. She looked really bad Friday morning. We're still unsure to what caused it, but the mosquitos have been extremely bad lately—so that's a definite suspect. (The mosquitos have been eating me alive as of late. I've got bug bits all over the place.)
  • Finally got together with Todd, Monica and Nicholas to give Nicholas his birthday presents. I've said this before, but Nicholas is great. Todd & Monica are really doing a great job. Nicholas is also the first fan of our band. Whenever we get to the bridge of The Beatle's "Getting Better" he smiles real big and starts dancing—like only a 12 month old can. :)

Ok, that's about it. I promise I'll try to get back to updating my blog more regularly!

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