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Posted by Dan on Aug 12, 2003 @ 9:41 AM

Well, it's been about a week since I've blogged. I took several days off from work in order to "re-energize" a bit. Anyway, I'm back now, so you'll probably here a little more from me again. So, let's see, what's been going on?

Well on Wednesday of last week I did some work around the house during the day and then at night I babysat for Nicholas. That kid is just so funny. He gets laughing so hard that he starts wheazing and rocking back and forth—it's classic. He's really a joy to babysit. He's about as easy to take care of as you could ask.

Thursday I met up w/my buddy Jason and we took our dogs to Antrium park in here in Columbus. I wanted to get Maddie out and let her play and swim a bit. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm starting rolling through so I couldn't let her swim for very long. I know she was pretty bummed about not being able to swim—as we made are way around the lake she kept sneaking back in the water. I just didn't want to risk her getting struck—I know the odds are against it, but what can I say, I wanted to be safe.

On Friday I did some more work around the house. I also dropped Maddie off and the groomers to get shampooed, get her nails clipped, to trim the fur on her paws and for a teeth cleaning. I was afraid she might be difficult for the groomer, but the groomer said she was excellent for her and told me to bring her back anytime. While Maddie was at the groomers, Monica and I met up at Giant Eagle to do some grocery shopping. She was ordering Nicholas' birthday cake for his party this coming Saturday. He kept trying to climb out of the cart for me to hold him, so I finally picked him up (well, ok, it didn't take much convincing for me to pick him up.) He snuggled up on my shoulder and pretty much fell asleep right away. Monica had given him a Benedryl right a little earlier to help w/a rash he has. I think that pretty much knocked him out. He's such a good kid...

On Saturday night Todd, Eric and I went to Polaris, oops, I mean "Germaine" Ampitheater to see Iron Maiden in concert. That's one of the most high energy shows I've seen in a long, long time. Lots of really positive energy—none of this agressive, "angry" energy you see so much at concerts. This was by far the best I've seen Maiden in concert. Dio and Motorhead were also on the bill. Dio's voice sounded great, but I'm not a fan of Motorhead, so I didn't pay much attention when they were on stage. They were really loud, so it was hard to really distinguish what they were playing. Maiden was awesome though. Did I say that already? :)

Jenn & I spent Sunday running around doing errands and planning out a menu for this week. We're both on diets, so we're attempting to plan out our meals for the week. We did the weigh-ins on Monday morning and started our diet yesterday. One day down, the rest of my life to go. :)

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