Comedy Club/Missed Concert...

Posted by Dan on Jul 3, 2003 @ 2:26 PM

Jenn & I went to The Funny Bone last night for the second time in 5 days (we went Saturday night and saw Heywood Banks.) Mark Sweeney was the headliner last night and was funny as hell. The feature act was just as good, but I can't recall his name. I know he was one of the ten finalist for a contest on Comedy Central. He's also from Cincy, so there was a lot of "local" humor.

I'm really bummed I missed the Fates Warning/Dream Theater/Queensryche concert last night. They're playing in Cleveland and Cincy this month as well, so I think I'll have to hit the Cincy show—which is on a Friday. Part of the reason I'm so bummed, is I just found out that Nick D'Virgilio, who's the drummer and now lead vocalist for Spock's Beard, is playing drums for Fates Warning on this tour. He's probably my favorite drummer at the moment, and Spock's Beard is definitely one of my favorite bands. Anyway, I want to see the show even more now.

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