Saw Todd, Monica and Nicholas last night...

Posted by Dan on Jul 22, 2003 @ 7:54 PM

I went over to Todd & Monica's last night to hang out. I haven't seen Monica and Nicholas since the 3rd. Nicholas is pretty much walking all the time now. He's only crawling occasionally. He's also really starting to comprehend what you say to him. You can pretty much ask him for any toy and he'll go track it down and bring it to you. You can also ask him where people are and he'll look for them. I just love watching little kids learn. It's such an amazing thing.

Also, I got to see him ride his big wheel. I can't believe how well he manuevers that thing—and he's not even a year old yet! He stayed very close to me the whole time I was there. He'd sit on my lap, then get down, bring a toy over for us to play and then he'd want on my lap again. When I got up to leave, he jumped off Monica's lap and klung to my leg. He then held his hands up for me to pick him up. So I picked him up he gave me this big hug. When I gave him back to his mom, he just started bawling. It made me both very sad (you hate hearing a little kid so upset) and made me feel really good that he was so concerned that I was leaving. Anyway, Monica and Todd are doing a great job w/that kid! :)

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