Hocking Hills: Sunday...

Posted by Dan on Jun 22, 2003 @ 9:38 AM

We both slept in on Sunday. I don't think either of us wanted to get up, because then we knew we'd have to pack up to go home. Maddie didn't even want to get out of bed. We ended up getting up just before 9am. We ended up having bagels for breakfast.

After breakfast, I played my GBA for a bit—while Jenn was packing. She was nice enough to get all the packing done—she even ended up packing up most of the car as well. What a girlfriend, huh? :)

Anyway, we took some pictures of the area around the cabin, and then called Dan & Darlene to let them know we were checking out. I think we left the cabin right around 11am.

From the cabin, we decided to head down to "Old Man's Cave." I've always wanted to see Old Man's Cave, but just never gotten down there. The park was really packed, so we had to keep Maddie leashed up the whole time. I did walk through the stream with her for a bit so she could play in the water. We ran into both a 6 month old black Lab—which she played with in the water for a bit—and she also met a brown lab who was 18 months old.

There are a lot of cool rock formations at Old Man's Cave. Jenn even made the comment about how some of them look almost sculptured. It's all very impressive. Some of the coolest formation were of one that looked like a horse's head and the formation known as the "Sphinx Head."

I wish we would have gotten to the caves on a day w/less people—just so I could have let Maddie go free. Maddie got a little anxious to go swimming, but she was very good around the other people—especially with the kids who wanted to pet her. She even gave one small boy "High Five"—which is one of her knew favorite tricks.

After leaving Old Man's Cave, we headed to Ash Cave—which was the last place we wanted to hit before heading home. Ash Cave was a little less crowed. The waterfall there is pretty neat, as it's probably a 700' drop. You can definitely see why the Wyandotte Indians used the caves for camping. The waterfall forms a natural shower.

Maddie got to do a lot more playing in the water at Ash Caves— we even played fetch for 15 or 20 minutes. There were a couple of small girls there who wanted to pet her. She was very good around them. She even would fetch the stick for them and then drop the stick at the girls feet. She's getting very good around small children—which is a trait of Labs.

We were probably at Ash Cave for about 45-60 minutes, before deciding to head back home. Maddie slept in the car, but oddly enough when we past the road to the cabin, she got up and pushed her way to the front of the car—it was like she was saying "Whoa dad, you passed up the road to the cabin!" Maddie slept the whole way home. Fortunately, it's only like a 75-90 minute drive, so it wasn't too bad. Jenn — I were both a little (ok, maybe a lot!) depressed to be leaving.

We got home around 3pm or so. It was nice to get home and have some time to unpack, but from the same standpoint, I would have loved a few more days vacation! Anyway, we ran to Cord Camera to drop off the .35mm pictures Jenn took, so there are some more photos to come!

Jenn & I both had a great time, but maybe Maddie had the best time. I've really got to find a good body of water in the Columbus area to take Maddie swimming at.

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