It's Friday!!!

Posted by Dan on Jun 20, 2003 @ 10:45 AM

Well, today's starting off a beautiful day outside. The skies are blue and clear and it looks like it'll be a warm, sunny day out—a great way to start a weekend vacation! I'm a little sleepy today, I was up until past 1am doing laundry. Any more that's really late for me.

I'm leaving work a little early today to try to finish packing and getting everything ready to go. I'd like to stop and get a pair of shoes for hiking, but I may skip that if time is short. I don't *need* new shoes, but I'd rather not ruin my good tennis shoes walking in the water and mud. Also, I talked to my neighbors and they're keeping a watch on the house for me.

I also finally got to cutting the grass yesterday. In the past 10 days, it's either been raining, to wet to cut, I haven't been home until too late, or Chemlawn showed up to spray the grass. (How come it always seems Chemlawn shows up the day you plan on cutting the grass?)

Anyway, I talked to Perk after I got down w/mowing the lawn—turns out he noticed some roof damage to the shingles, so I'm going to have to call a roofing company first thing next week. Also, one the neighbors was out walking his dog, Sophie, so we let Maddie and Sophie play together for about a half hour or so. I happened to have Maddie's frisbees in hand, so we just through them between Perk's yard and mine and let the dogs run.

Next week is going to be a busy one, but I'm going to try to put all that aside and have a nice, relaxing weekend. I really can't wait to be sitting in the hottub tonight w/a drink in hand!

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