Hocking Hills: Friday...

Posted by Dan on Jun 20, 2003 @ 11:59 PM

Ok, we got to the Log Cabin around 6:30pm. The trip was fairly uneventful, except I turned into the wrong campgrounds at first. (I thought Darlene told me to turn left at the sign, but she told me right, then left. What can I say, I didn't write it down and I talked to her on Monday.) Taking the wrong turn allowed us to get up and personal with a doe that was eating grass in the gravel road. The hills up that driveway were pretty steep to—I bottomed out a couple of times.

When we got to the cabin, Jenn & I unloaded the car and I headed into the City of Logan to find a grocery store—I wanted to pick up some eggs, milk and some alcohol. On the way back, I stopped at Bob Evans and got us dinner. We had planned to pick food up for dinner, and Bob Evans sounded better than fast food.

Maddie spent the remainder of the evening exploring the area around the cabin. I let her run free since there wasn't anything around. She never left view of the cabin, which is why I continued to let her run free all weekend. I think she had a blast exploring.

Jenn & I spent the evening in the hot tub while Maddie was exploring. We ended up shorting out the outlet, (the outlet wasn't covered, so it was exposed to water overflow.) Anyway, a call to the resort owners had them out there shortly to look it over and he cleaned out the outlet and got it back and running. He also took precaution to prevent it from happening again—and we never had a problem after that.

The temperature Friday night was probably in the mid-50s, so the hot tub felt especially good. We were probably in the hot tub for about 3 hours that night. We stayed in there until we headed to bed.

Night time out at the cabin was awesome! When we turned the lights out in the cabin, you couldn't see your hand an inch from your eyes. The only reason I knew my hand was there was because I could feel it brushing my eye lashes. I love sleeping in absolute darkness. The cabin is so isolated from light sources, plus it's surrounded by 150' trees, you don't even get moonlight coming through.

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