Macromedia "Royale" Announced

Posted by Dan on Jun 13, 2003 @ 1:05 PM

Well, Macromedia has finally announced "publically" announced their "Royale Initiative." There's not much there, but the FAQ does cover some very basic questions I've heard asked. I really wonder how close the stuff Macromedia is working on will resemble what Laszlo Systems has been working on.

I've been very intrigued by their product since I first saw their idea. I like the idea of XML In, Flash Out. If you haven't seen what the Laszlo Presentation Server can do, go check out their demo page. The XML Editing demo actually allows you to view the XML used to generate the demo. You can even change the XML around and view your change on-the-fly!

I originally blogged about Royale back on March 28, 2003. I does appear that Royale may be a little more than a fancy form generation tool. I'm really interested to see what they come with.

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