Maddie Update: Week Two

Posted by Dan on May 5, 2003 @ 7:55 PM

Well, Maddie's doing pretty well—but she's definitely getting bored. I can't wait until I can play Frisbee with her again. The stitches come out on this Friday—presuming everything is ok.

I did take her to the Vets on Friday to have them check out the stitches—I noticed a little "bubble" that I wanted them to check out. The vet felt pretty about it, but he did give me some general penicillin to give her just in case there was a mild infection.

Anyway, I tried walking Maddie w/her "Gentle Leader" again on Sunday and she really hates it. I'm pretty sure I've got it on her correctly, but she just wants to scrape her head on the ground trying to get it off. I think I'll take her in to the petstore to see if they think the fit is ok. I've walked her 5 times with it on and she's not getting any better about it. I wouldn't be concerned if she wasn't scraping her face up trying to get it off.

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