Unhappy w/Verizon's selections of Mobile Phones...

Posted by Dan on May 28, 2003 @ 8:54 AM

I have to say I'm really disappointed with Verizon Wireless' current selection of mobile phones. I've been looking to upgrade for a while, but they're really behind the other companies—like Sprint PCS—in the area. The messed up part is that Verizon by far has the best coverage—at least in the Columbus, OH area.

I was on Sprint up until about 8 months ago or so and finally got fed up w/Sprint after 4 years of pour digital coverage in the area. Overall I'm happy w/Verizon's network coverage—I'm just not happy w/their phone offerings. They really need to step up to plate and get some phones that compete with the feature base of some of their competitors.

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