Denver: Saturday

Posted by Dan on May 17, 2003 @ 11:32 PM

I slept in a bit on Saturday morning—I got up around 10:00am. I had made plans w/Danita to meet me at the hotel lobby around noon. I decided I wanted a little breakfast, so I headed back down to Starbucks for some breakfast. I ended up playing around on the 'net a bit while killing time until noon. Cam joined me downstairs about 11:30 or so. Danita, Bernie and Quintin joined me in the hotel lobby shortly after noon—while actually, I saw them pull in to the hotel, so I went outside to meet them. We decided to drive up to Breckinridge for lunch.

Breckinridge is about 90 minutes away from downtown Denver. It was a very scenic drive and there were tons of snow capped mountains to view. Breckinridge was a very neat little town—lots of little shops—you can definitely tell it's a ski town. We ate at this restaurant called "Eric's"—which is a place Danita, Bernie and Quintin have eaten at before. Danita and I shared a Mexican pizza which was very good. After lunch we drove around a bit—even taking a detour down about a 10 mile dirt road. :) We ended up driving back to Denver and hung out playing games at the ESPN Sports Zone—which is right next to the Westin (which is the hotel I stayed at.)

I played games w/Quintin and Bernie until about 7:30pm and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Robi, Mark, Cameron, Eric and another couple had reservations at Tommy Tsunami's—which is was a nouveau/fusion Japanese restaurant. I ended up having the Golden Salmon, which was probably one of the best pieces of salmon I've ever had—my whole diner was excellent. Most of the group ended up eating sushi, but I'm not a big seaweed fan, so I've never cared much for sushi.

After dinner I decided to head back to the hotel. I just hadn't been feeling well all day and was dead tired. Turns out I was tired for a reason—it was the beginning signs of a cold. Anyway, I went back to the hotel and watched SNL for a bit and then feel asleep.

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