Denver: Friday

Posted by Dan on May 16, 2003 @ 11:32 PM

I got up this morning and went down to the hotel lobby for coffee and for some banana bread at the Starbucks in the hotel lobby. The lobby areas have wifi—so I was able to check my e-mail over breakfast.

Cameron and I ended up hanging around the hotel working on our presentations until lunch. We ended up meeting Robi, Kevin and Eric for at the Corner Bakery on 16th Street—which was a nice little deli (reminded me of La Chatalaine here in Columbus) around the corner from the convetion center. I wanted a light lunch, so I had half a roastbeef sandwich and a small ceasar salad. Lunch was very good and hit the spot.

I got to the convention center about 15 minutes before my presentation was to begin—which was plenty of time to set up and get ready. I had a pretty good turn out, because there were only two sessions going on at that time (instead of the normal 3-4 sessions.) The speech went pretty well—I think it helped that I actually do live coding during my presentation. I think people are always impressed when they see how easy qForms is to actually implement. I even had a couple people tell me afterwards that this was the best session they had attended and made it worth the cost of the conference—it's always a great feeling to know someone appreciated the time and work you put in to your presentation.

Anyway, after the presentation I just hung out at the conference to answer questions and to hand out business cards. I hung around until all the presentations were over, which was around 5:00pm. A large group of us decided to meet at 7:00pm in the hotel lobby to go out for dinner.

Mark ended up making reservations at Rodizio Grill—which is a Brazillian-style steakhouse. If you're in Denver, it's a pretty neat place to eat—even if you don't like meat, the salad bar is impressive. I'd never been to a Brazillian-style steakhouse, and it was a unique experience for me. They have a ton of servers who bring out meat on skewers and cut the meet and put it right on your plate. All there meat is served rotissery style and it was all very good. They were serving about 12-15 different types of meat that night and I guess the menu rotates depending on what they can get in fresh. Anyway, I recommend the place highly if you're in for a unique atomsphere.

After the dinner, we headed to a club called the "Luna Lounge"—which was located in the lobby of some hotel. Well the athesitics of the place was very cool, I just found the crowd a little too pretentious for my tastes. We were probably there an hour or so before heading to the bar Mynt. I thought the atomsphere at Mynt was much better, but the Luna Lounge had pretty much killed my buzz. We hung out the Mynt for another hour or so and then walked to Mario's Two-Fisted Pizza. While waiting in line, I realized I wasn't really hungary and decided to walk back to the hotel and go to bed.

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