Denver: Thursday

Posted by Dan on May 15, 2003 @ 11:32 PM

Well, I thought I was going to speak today, but Mark moved my presentation to Friday afternoon. That'll probably work out well as it'll give me some time to get a few more things done before I give my presentation done.

I ate lunch at the Rialto Cafe on 16th Street with Robi, Cameron and Raymond. The food was pretty good: the golden mashpotatoes were excellent and my burger was very good. After lunch we headed back to the presenters room and sat and chatted w/some of the other presenters who were preparing their presentations. We stayed at the convention center until about 3:30pm and then Cam and I headed back to the hotel to freshen up before the reception at 5:45pm. We ended up getting back to the convention center at about 5:15 and hung out until we left for the reception.

The reception was held at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. They had a portion of the 2nd story reserved for the conference. They had appetizers setting out and a bunch of pitchers of draft beer brewed at the by the Wynkoop. I end up playing pool w/Cameron, Raymond and Justin Balog for a couple of hours. We then moved on to the shuffle table and played a couple of games of that. About 11:30 or so, the group that was left decided to go out and hit some more pubs. I was feeling pretty beat and decided I'd just head back to the room since I had to give my presentation in the early afternoon—I wanted to make sure I was fresh for my presentation.

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