Not Practicing Makes For...

Posted by Dan on Apr 7, 2003 @ 2:53 PM

Todd, Eric and I finally got together for the first time since like September to jam. I'm really glad none of you were there to witness it. :) I haven't played much in the past 4 months and it really showed. I really need to work on picking up my bass for a few minutes a day. I had really gotten out of my routine of playing every day once I started spending all my time w/Jenn and then when I got the puppy, my time grew to nothing. Anyway, I've got to get back in to the groove and and start playing every day.

Todd called me this afternoon and wants to put together a flyer for a drummer and I'd assume for a keyboard/guitarist/singer. We really would love to find a keyboardist who can play several instruments. There's a guy I have in mind who may fit that role, so we'll probably ask him to jam again. I can't wait until we get a drummer to play with, playing w/a live drummer makes such a huge difference. Playing to a midi drummer sure beats nothing, but it's just nowhere near the real thing.

Anyway, for as bad as I sounded (and was,) it sure was nice to get together again to jam. I'm really hoping this becomes a more regular weekend event. Honestly, when we play more than once every month or two we actually sound not too bad!

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