Monday, Monday...

Posted by Dan on Apr 28, 2003 @ 9:38 PM

First off, Maddie seems to be feeling back to normal. She's getting pretty ornary—I think she's missing getting her exercise. I really want to wait for at least a week before getting her outside for walks. I don't want to risk her opening up her sutures.

Yesterday the band got together and we all jammed. This session was much, much better than the last, but we're all still a bit rusty. It was a good little get together though. It was a blast as always.

Work was pretty busy today, just lots of little stuff coming up and I finished a few things up. On the way home, I got stuck while the Barnum Bailey circus train cars were going by—even got to see some Elephants and a few other animals in their cars. Anyway, I got home played with the dog a bit and cut the grass again. I'm trying to keep the grass a little shorter this year—I just hope I don't have to cut it every 4 days like I have been. Anyway, that's about it for today.

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