Saturday Morning Maddie Update...

Posted by Dan on Apr 26, 2003 @ 8:40 AM

Well last night went was pretty pathetic. Maddie would shake and cry every time she took a breath—it really broke my heart. She really could never get comfortable. Jenn and I watch X-Men and just monitored her during the evening. Finally around 11pm, I put her buster collar back on and put her in the cage. She just sat in the cage for a while and cried. I finally decided I just needed to go upstairs and let her work things out herself. She cried for awhile but seemed to rest peacefully most of the night.

When I came down in the morning I was excited to see that she was jumping around in her cage happy to see me. She's been much energetic this morning. She's still whining a bit, but I think more from having the buster collar on. It's pretty pathetic to watch her walk around, 'cause she bumps in to everything, but she's getting better. She's actually taking a nap at the moment. Anyway, I feel much better this morning about it.

Oh yeah, the other good news is my brother's back from his trip. He got back a little earlier than expected, so everyone was ecstatic to see him.

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