Maddie's getting spayed on Friday...

Posted by Dan on Apr 21, 2003 @ 12:38 PM

Well I just called and set up Maddie's spaying appointment for Friday. I feel pretty bummed about it—I hate the thought of something possibly going wrong, but these procedures are pretty common. I feel crappy about doing it to her, but after researching it, I think it'll be better for her long term. It reduces the chances of cancer and a few other ailments down the road. I figured I'd have it done Friday that way I can be home with her over the weekend.

I need to call Petsmart to see if this will interfere with her training. I think it might, but I decided I better get the spaying done ASAP. I have a feeling she might be getting close to her first time being in heat. I really think her hormones are what's behind her orneriness as of late. Anyway, hopefully I can work something out with Petsmart.

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