Stupid Tim Horton Contest

Posted by Dan on Apr 2, 2003 @ 8:59 AM

Tim Hortons (a coffee/pastry fast-food chain owned by Wendys Corporation) is running a contest called "Roll Up The Rim To Win." They've run this contest in the past as well. I really hate this contest. On each paper cup, under the lip, there's text which indicates whether you've won a prize or not.

The reason I hate this contest is I end up just about ripping my nails out try to "Roll Up The Rim." About the only way I can reliable read the text is to take scissors to the cup and cut the rim up and then flatten out the lip using my thumbs on a hard surface.

I've got to think they make it difficult to get to on purpose. In the past month, I've ripped my thumbnail and permanantly damage my teeth trying to reveal that stupid text, all for a free cup of coffee and a donut.

Sorry... Just had to vent...

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