My Busy Weekend

Posted by Dan on Apr 14, 2003 @ 9:56 AM

Turned out to be a big weekend. I had planned to cut the grass for the first time this year on Saturday, but ChemLawn showed up—which put a stop to those plans. That probably turned out for the best, since Jenn & I got a ton of things done Saturday. We went to lunch and then ran a couple hours of errands. We then stopped back at the house to pick Maddie up. After picking up some boxes and taking them to Jenn's appartment (for when she moves next month—to where where not quite sure yet) we took Maddie to Antrim park.

Antrim has a 1.2 mile track which surrounds a large pond—which the dogs are allowed to swim in. That was the first time Maddie swam and I think it freaked her out a bit. She was all gungho the first time until she realized that her feet didn't touch the ground. She then panicked a bit and was very tentative around the water the rest of the day. She did go back in a few times, but she didn't go very far and always kept her footing.

We also let her walk for awhile without her leash. She didn't stay far, but there was a jogger who was afraid of dogs and when Maddie went to great her, the jogger got really scared—so I put Maddie back on the leash. I only let Maddie off the leash after noticing that almost all the dogs at the park were not leashed. There were probably 50 dogs there. I really want to research training classes in town. I think it's time. Anyway, we had a good time at the park and Maddie feel straight asleep once we got in the car and starting driving home.

As soon as we got back to the house, Todd called and invited us over. The Popovich's (Dan, Jen & Nathan) were in town for Nicholas' baptism and the Eisenman's (Eric & Krista) were over there as well. We went over for a couple of hours and just chatted while eating pizza. It was good to all get together again.

I woke up Sunday morning did some laundry and attempted to cut the grass. That didn't work out to well—I was never able to get the lawnmower started. I'm going to have to pick up a sparkplug today. I just ran out of time, because I needed to get ready for Nicholas' baptism.

The baptism ceremony was nice, I wish it would have only been Nicholas being baptized, but it was nice nonetheless. We all headed over to Todd & Monica's from the church for food (which was fantastic) and more socializing. It was a great casual day—Nicholas had so much fun. I swear he knew that day was all about him. He by far had the most energy out of everyone. The only time he wasn't smiling was when M tried to put him down for a nap—he wanted none of that. I suspect he slept well, 'cause he was a bundle of energy and smiles all day. He such a happy kid and he's got such an electric smile.

Anyway, the weekend flew by, but it was nice. Just wish I had a three day weekend!

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