Quantum Computing/Quantum Weirdness

Posted by Dan on Apr 11, 2003 @ 10:09 AM

A friend of mine (thanks Deron!) had forwarded me review. I've always found quantum science interesting, but I admit, it does make my brain hurt if I think about it too hard. :) The idea of "entanglement" is something I find extremely fascinating.

Quantum particles are said to be entangled when their fates are inextricably linked; if one is spinning clockwise, say, the other one has to be spinning counterclockwise.

Although not stated in the article, it's my understanding that once entangled, the particles can be seperated via both time and space and they remain entangled. This brings up interesting possibilities in communication.

Although the author wasn't exactly excited after reading it, I'll have to put this book on my list of stuff to read.

'A Shortcut Through Time': Quantum Weirdness

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