Harley's New Look...

Posted by Dan on Nov 2, 2003 @ 3:51 PM

While this probably isn't groundbreaking news to any of you motorcycle enthusiasts out there, I saw one of these on the road for the first time coming home from Salt Fork last weekend. This picture doesn't do the bike justice—this bike looks really sweet in person. I was really enamored when it passed Jenn and I on the road. I had to catch up with it just to get a couple of more good looks at it.

I really like what Harley-Davidson has done with this model. I'm sure some Harley purists out there won't like it, but I think the design is fresh, slick, gorgeous and yet it keeps the Harley feel. Kudos to the designers on this model!!!

I've noticed that the motorcycle industry has really starting bringing back aesthetic design elements to their motorcycles recently. A number of the vendors are trying to make something unique looking, while keeping the functionality. This is one thing that I think is generally missing from the automobile industry at the mobile. The Prowler was one of the last cars I've seen that had any real personality. The Prowler was a car that the more I saw it, the more I liked it.

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